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Welcome to the Communication and Health Group (OCS)

Communication plays an increasingly important role in the improvement of health and quality of life. The media are the main intermediaries between institutions and the public in the transmission of messages promoting health.

The Communication and Health Group studies the range of relations between the health system and the media, the traditional social interaction between doctors and patients, and the communication needs of health system institutions.

Studies of health communication have a long tradition in English-speaking countries and also in a number of South-American countries. The Group aims to monitor, analyse and investigate communication strategies applied to inform and influence individuals and institutions with a view to improving health and quality of life.

Group activities lie in the following areas:

1. Applied and basic research via participation in R&D projects.

2. Publications, specialised, academic and general.

3. Management of the Observatory website in http://www.portalcomunicacion.com/ocs. The Group website is available in Catalan and in Spanish and includes the following sections:

> A directory containing hundreds of communication and health resources sorted by thematic areas: libraries, illnesses, women's health, disability.

> Group monographs on communication and health-related issues.

> On-line texts on communication and health-related issues sorted by main thematic areas: Gender and health, health in the media, patients, and education of health journalists.

> Directory of Internet health resources: the quality of Internet health resources, illnesses and disorders, patients, NGOs, Women's Health, Aging and Libraries, among others.

> Description and critique of documentary and bibliographical resources.

> An agenda setting out the main related events: congresses, courses and prizes.

4. Organisation of workshops, meetings and congresses for health and information professionals.

5. Participation in international meetings and development projects in collaboration with Latin America.

6. Organisation and participation in continuing education in the field of communication and health.

The Group interprets health communication in a broad sense. Without forgetting any additional areas of potential interest, the Group's main areas of study are as follows:

> Health education.

> The influence of advertising on behaviour and habits.

> Communication between medical staff and patients.

> Relations between public and private institutions and the traditional media in health promotion.

> Social marketing: use of traditional marketing techniques to inform the public of health-related issues.

> Specialised health journalism.

> The role of the Internet and its interactive capacities in promoting health, and accreditation of the quality of Internet resources.

By analysing and studying these phenomena, the Group aims to serve as a bridge between Europe and South America. Although aware that the health needs and priorities of each may differ in some respects, we feel they share the common objective of promoting healthy behaviour which will lead to an improved quality of life.


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